The Magic of Imagination

There are so many layers to getting well. It is beyond the simple. Eat less, move more.
Or my favorite: exercise 150 minutes a week.
But how to access this getting well? How to conquer the weight?
How to eat better?
How to stop eating junk food?
Really the big question is how we lose weight?
If it was simple everyone would be drinking green smoothies and riding bikes to work.

I was working in the walk-in clinic yesterday when a lovely young woman was there with a panic attack. 

The urgent care is not the place for a panic attack, in my family medicine office, I had space for helping people with panic, but urgent care is not a welcoming place for mental health troubles.  

She was in a bad state and sometimes there is little I can talk about to help someone. No one wants to hear,  take a deep breath or relax.

I thought I would try something and we talked about her legs which were numb and moved up to her chest that was tight. 

I wondered if her tight chest felt like a closed room. She did think so, and she explored the scary room and her panic worsened. It was a dark room with no door. 

I made her stop then and open her eyes. Thankfully, in coursework on Dream Tending, I had an idea (Thank you to my teacher, Dr Aizenstat).

I made her think of a supportive figure and then it was decided her grandmother was in  the scary room with her. Not a real grandmother, but a dream grandmother that offered her advise. 

In time, grandmother  got her to open the door and she felt the warmth on her skin and she was not cold. yester

Under the panic, underneath her panic was her desire to lose weight. She is unhappy with her body. 

She walks fast for exercise and then because of her weight becomes short of breath, which causes her to panic. 

There is panic behind her weight. A shame she holds for her body.  

She has no place for love only dislike for the body that carries her, that loves her. She needs to go back to the dark room with the grandmother. 

It will take time to explore the underneath feelings her panic and be able to access her own power. 

If it was not the urgent care, we could have found a way that felt right to her body about making better eating choices. 

I found the coursework developed by Dr. Aizentstat life-changing. Using the dream image and active imagination is truly a potent tool for healing in today’s world. 

This is a beautiful tool for wellness, weight loss,and towards conquering anxiety. 

So reach out to me here in Coos Bay or anywhere if you want to talk dream, wellness, and weight loss.