About Madrone Medical

This is a wellness clinic devoted to improving healthy outcomes in all individuals. The approach to weight loss and healthy living is different for everyone and I will work with you to find an individual solutions for you. I will work with you to find tools that work for you like coaching, mindfulness, creativity, medications, increasing movement, and dietary changes.

About Heather Sullivan

I got into healthcare as I believed in healing, wellness and the beauty of the human spirit, but after 20 + years I feel defeated by our current model. 

My goal is to help you not feel broken, to not talk about your list of medications, and your problems. Let’s focus on the glass being half full. 

I want to offer you a light in the darkness and find a way to feel your best. I started this clinic to bring me back to the reason I started studying healthcare. 

Street Cred:

-Master’s degree of Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner, 20+ years in medicine/nursing

-Mold Literate Certification

-Holistic Pelvic Therapy

– Nutritional Therapy Certification (NTP)

-Jungian Dream Tending 

 I want to find outside-the-box solutions that are not available in conventional medicine. My goal is to find workable solutions that work for you!

Fun facts:

– I live in Coos Bay and am currently a board member of  Surfriders Coos Bay   (although I am not a surfer)

-The art on the page is my creation

-Van Gogh is my favorite artist

-I am lucky to live with my two arty teenage daughters, a husky with wanderlust, and a very handy contractor husband. 


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Located in Coos Bay
Services available anywhere in the State of Oregon