And why that really matters

Every year the Holidays Come

With its tempting yummy foods. Fun times to be around family and friends, but with the indulgences of rich foods, weight gain tends to follow

Why does a few pounds matter?

Our body has a set point of the weight it thinks we should weigh. Hence the reason it is so easy to regain weight after going on a low-calorie diet. This works great for people of normal weight, but typically those that are overweight, their internal set point is broken. Any extra pounds that are gained during the holidays become difficult to shake off after the holidays. 

Consider these strategies to avoid weight gain

-Plan ahead: I know easier said than done, but if there is a meal at work or with family, then consider fasting, or eating lighter during the day to compensate for the more nutrient-dense meal ahead. 

-Office Parties: Choose foods that are less rich at the buffet line. More tubers, veggies. Avoid putting extra butter or gravy on your food.

-Protein: Focus on getting enough protein during the day as that increases satiety and will hopefully decrease cravings. 

-Movement: This will not cause dramatic weight loss, but it is better than sitting around watching TV. Even a short walk outside is a win. 

-Stress management: Carve out time in your busy schedule to take care of yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself then you can not take care of others. Set aside time on your schedule for the time that belongs solely to you. 

-Sleep: The less you sleep the more you will eat. The less you sleep the harder it is to lose weight. Find strategies to work on getting good sleep. 

-Mindfulness: Stray present at the moment. Notice yourself, the place you are standing, and your friends whenever you can think of now. 


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