The obesession with Protein

Does increasing protein hasten weight loss?

How many studies are there on this question?


But having protein in your diet makes sense as it makes you feel full and if you feel full you are less likely to snack. 

Is there any evidence that the use of protein promotes weight loss?

It seems there is some mixed reviews Leidy et al (2015) did a meta-analysis and found that yes protein does promote weight loss initially, but in the long term they were not able to conclude that long-term use of protein continued to help with losing weight. 

The reviewed studies showed reduced triglycerides, blood pressure, and waist circumference. The long-term studies did not show any solid evidence of maintaining a high-protein diet for continued weight loss.  (how annoying!).  

But if I continue to comb studies on this matter, surely I will something conclusive? Nope, I have concluded after years of looking at studies, that I can find a study to prove any point I want to make. 

So, what really matters is you. What feels good to you? The evidence does support getting 25-30% of your calories from protein while you are initially trying to lose weight. But in the long term, you can re-evaluate.

You are the boss of you.

And like reading studies, we have to make our own conclusions, our own decisions. It’s really about making things simple, don’t overthink, and finding your joy.  

Sure the goal is weight loss, but really it is about finding your joy and getting to the root of yourself. 

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Study link (meta-analysis data dump)