Be Still

How it is not too terrible to take a moment and be mindful
truly notice our eating habits.


I became interested in watching Dr. Jud when I saw his Ted Talk on using mindfulness for addiction. How meditation changes the brain. He has done extensive research on brain development with the use of meditation. 

His programs on anxiety, quitting smoking, and eating mindfully is truly a beautiful approach to medicine. No side effects, simple, and hugely effective. 

The creation of the Eat Right Now app was easily the most simple and easy invention to improve eating habits. 

Knuckling down to meditation or taking a class to learn about it is a pain, but really, the 10 minutes a day of listening to Dr Jud Brewer while you drink your coffee is life-changing. 

I could not get control of my own nighttime food cravings and over time, by listening to this class, I was able to be less judgemental and just notice my feelings when I leaned into the fridge at night. 

Usually, we don’t want to sit with our discomfort, but how it is necessary to examine our feelings rather than letting them highjack us unaware.