Halloween candy

Oh candy, how I love you.

Candy. Its a real issue

I have had a long battle with my sugar addiction. Like an alcoholic where I am “good” and do not eat it for maybe a year, then its one Christmas cookie and then months of too much sugar until I pull mysel out. 

I know a lot of people do not have food addiction issues. I do. I cannot just eat one of anything. I cannot have anything sweet in my house. If there is something sweet in my house, I will eat it. 

It takes real mindfulness to catch myself leaning into the fridge and noticing, hey, I am NOT hungry, just avoiding another responsibility or I am bored. 

But when I am stressed, did not sleep, those boundaries are down and I may eat 30 rolls or more of smarties. (How I love you smarties). So my rule, is to avoid temptation. I am hopeful that with continued work, I can have sugar in my house and not have it call out to me. 

So, be mindful. Avoid or think about what you are putting in your mouth. There is really no benefit in eating sugar. 

It  tastes good, but for me it is heavily addictive. I gain nothing in eating any sugar, so I cannot adovcate in moderation.

The modern American diet is fraught with unhealthy toxins and sugar is easily the worst as it gives little value in our health. Useful for quick calories, but that is really not necessary. 

Here is my tip, like Nancy Regan.

Just say no. No sweets, do not do it. Have something else instead. Why eat something that posions our endocrine system?

Any candy that you recieve should be thrown out. It is garbage. 

So be prepared when you see the sugar, how you care about yourself and need to treat yourself like the prince or princess you truly are. 


This is the best talk EVER on sugar. Crazy long, but the BEST