Sleep is King (or Queen)

Think you are going to lose weight without getting enough sleep?
Think again.
If you are not sleeping you are under a state of chronic stress which wrecks havoc on your body.

Why is everything so complicated?

I know!

I wish I could just give you a pill or a shot and you would magically lose weight and be healthy. What gives!

But our bodies are infinitely complex. Which is cool, who doesn’t want to be a little complicated?

But it is a huge pain if you are looking for simple solutions to get your health back on track.  So if you are wondering why sleep matters, here are the bullet points.

  • Less sleep > more food cravings: I cannot deny this one as I did not sleep last night and now I want to snack all day as my mind is distracted, thoughtless and tired. 
  • There is some talk about how sleep affects our neurotransmitters leptin (full) and its opposite ghrelin (hungry). But I think it would be tough to deny the connection for my fellow insomanics 
  • Poor sleep messes with your metabolism which makes you more toxic (aka increased oxidative stress) your blood sugar balance goes to pot and the less you are sleeping the more time you might be eating.  
  • And while exercise does not help you lose a lot of weight it is really key to WELLNESS and when you are not sleeping the motivation to take care of yourself is pretty low. 

So, scientists may argue about the data on this one, but I really believe it. Getting rest is so important and while treating insomnia is massively complicated, working towards a solution is so helpful to your overall health. If this tickles your fancy, reach out and we can talk sleep, health or about how important dreams are in the waking world.