The Sweet Poison of Sugar

I love sugar. I love sweetness and have had a long ongoing addiction to sweet foods. This is the hardest time of the year to fend off unhealthy foods

Imagine an alcoholic constantly confronted with their object of craving. They go to the grocery store to get some food, and the onslaught of sweet foods is everywhere. The break room, and holiday parties are packed with sweetness. For Food addiction, the sweetness is not even noticed, it is taken over and over and it is never enough. 

Why is not cool?

It is just empty calories. So it is full of energy, but lacks the ability to make you feel full. How many pixie sticks could you eat? (if you were a fan of pixie sticks) Then all sweetness converts itself into fat. Hello, cupcake belly roll. 

What really stinks is sugar is everywhere. A hidden menace in your low-fat foods. It adds flavor, it is part of the fun of holidays. It is part of the end of the year with Halloween, Pumpkin pie, and Christmas candies. Think of a holiday party being sugar-free? Think of Jane who always makes cakes for the potlucks bringing a salad. 

Sugar is everywhere and I am hard-pressed to find any health benefit to it. It is a short time thrill that causes long-term damage leading to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and skin damage (Sugar increases oxidative stress).




How to Break Free

  1. Recognize it is hard. Just be aware of going to the store, break room, or events will be tempting. Awareness is so helpful is creating an understanding of yourself and the craving. 
  2. If you crave, see if you can briefly separate yourself from the craving and ask, am I hungry? Am I craving? Am I bored?
  3. If you indulge in holiday foods, rethink it without judgment. Hey was I bored, lonely,  tired, stressed, or hungry?
  4. Be kind to yourself. A harsh judge of your behavior is not helpful. 

Really it would be remiss to not bring up the best Anti Sugar Hero Dr Lustig who has a ton of data of the negative health impacts on  sugar in our daily lives. 

Eat an apple!