hard to eat only one chip

Really hard. Like learning to ride a unicycle. Or becoming a monk

But there is devotion in noticing what you eat

Why do we eat too much?


It is tough, part habit and part feelings. 

It requires some self-examination. Which is not always a picnic, but if you want to change you have to think about what you are feeling. Even if you are not having a bad eating episode. Think of how often our feelings (unexamined) leads us to poor behavior choices. 

If we spent a minute and acknowledged the monster in the room: stress, annoyance, anger, or fear causes you to make poor eating choices. If you could dig under and name that feeling, that could make a lot of difference. 

So just notice yourself when you are overeating. 

No guilt allowed!

Observe yourself like an outside observer. Work was annoying and you will have no energy to cook, and you found yourself at the Taco Bell drive-through lane. Then all the food is gone before you get home. 

Maybe if you have no energy to observe yourself at the time, just think back. What was going on? Angry, bored, tired?

I encourage you to notice yourself, eating or otherwise. Notice the food as it goes into your mouth, how does it taste? Are you chewing? Did the food sit right?

Just be aware, which is not easy, but very reasonable to do later. The more we dig in and notice ourselves the closer we come to self-awareness and with a better understanding of our habits. 


This exercise linked below is a great beginning towards mindful eating.

Think of eating like an artist.

How does it taste?

What is the texture?

Describe the flavors.

Does the smell remind you of something?

The raisin exercise linked below is an even cooler way to have understanding towards what we put in our mouth and why.