Detox what is it all about?

Detox is the method in which you remove toxins. Super complicated and really cool. But our body pulls out the yuck and we excrete the yuck (toxins) through our bowels, urine and sweat. 

Usually our body functions and clears everything as it should. But in our toxic world, this is getting harder. I am talking food, environment, lifestyle, body products. I hope this is not a point to argue, but it is not clean and depending on the person, clearing our bodies through the proper channels can be hard. 

How to detox

I got really into learning about the body’s detox methods after having a massive obsession with learning about mold toxicity. This is a bit of fringe medicine here, as mold toxicity is not discussed in conventional medicine, but I see it listed on many people’s allergies. With those poisoned by mold, usually by living or working in a damaged environment, their body can not remove toxins and constantly upcycle them. 

I find the methods mentioned by mold researchers and authors like Dr. Neil Nathan and Dr. Jill Christa helpful for those without mold toxicity in terms of helping our bodies clear out this world’s toxins. 

The body, especially in adipose tissue holds a lot of toxins and it is a terrible idea to just clear them as it can make you feel worse and perhaps make you upcycle your toxins. I favor a gentle approach to feeling better without stressing your body out even more. 

Methods of gentle daily detox
  1. Make sure you are not constipated. If you are unable to clear out your toxins through the right channels, then really work towards clearing constipation. There are many approaches with increase fiber, water, laxatives, herbals etc, 
  2. Infrared Sauna- Buy a light on Amazon and pop it in a clamp lamp. Ideally, you can have three to cover your body. Bring up your tolerance and use it for 15 minutes 2x a day.  Check here to see what I am talking about 
  3. Magnesium- this can be Epsom salt baths, Epsom salt foot baths, or oral magnesium
  4. Fibrous supplements- go with food-based like chia or flax seed. This is a gentle way to help pull toxins from your body. 
  5. Water- good water, green tea is also great
  6.  Cruciferous veggies- help the liver clear toxins. 
  7. Avoid  the nasties- As much as you can. No pesticides, sugar, skin care products, wheat, dairy, processed foods. 

So, each topic above, can have an article. Please reach out if you have any questions. I linked my heroes websites below. I find their work on chronic complex health issues, detoxifcation, intutive medicine truly very inspiring. 

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So think of Future You

Write out foods you like on a list and consider creating healthy meals on a weekend night, so you will not be Hangry and eat whatever. 

Even if you do not prep a meal, but have a list of a fairly simple meals ready to go, then that works as well. 

Eating better is the key to weight loss. Everything else like exercise, medications, and mindfulness all lead back to eating better. There is no diet that has been proven to be king, only what works for you. A diet that is not cheap and lacks in nutrition. 

I am a fan of creating a meal plan for the week and having a list of my meals in the kitchen, so when I am stumped and hungry, I eat what I have listed. 

Lately, I have been busy so I have been on the “bar” type of meal plan. 

-Salad bar: lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, a bit of exciting protein like a couple of bacon slices, fried turkey, smoked salmon, and a dressing which is a vinegar and oil combo. 

-Rice bar: I pan fry up some greens, carrots in salt and oil, hard-boiled egg with rice and a dressing

-Noodle bar: The laziest night. I use rice noodles, thaw some pesto I had meal prepped, add some walnuts and some parmesan and its done. 

-Taco Bar: either beans and ground meat, with salad bar items

And this goes on

Or you can check out the many meal prep websites out there.  I found a good one with the link below. 

If you need help in this area, reach out on teh schedule link above and see if we make a good meal prep team!